Ratings have become an industry in itself. Take for example TripAdvisor - reviews and recommendations are the foundation of its business model. Star ratings can be more impactful than reading review comments as they are a visual representation of how consumers value your business. A study on Yelp ratings showed just a half-star improvement makes a restaurant more likely to sell out during its peak period by 30% to 49%. (source)   Star rating does matter and you can harness them to improve your online visibility in searches and increase your profits. That is the reason our customers use our services!
Raise Ratings is designed around this critical aspect of your business. Building a 5-star reputation starts with review generation and management. Which is exactly the number one feature of Raise Ratings. The consensus of the combined SEO knowledge base agrees on these 3 steps to build your 5-star rating.
  1. 1.Generate More Reviews
Number one is to generate more ratings and reviews. Capturing your customer's feedback and showcasing the 5-star ratings will build your businesses online review presence and increase customer trust. Making your business stand out and attract more leads. Raise Ratings automates this process with an automatic rating text, for any 4-5 star reviews another automatic text is sent with a link for the customer to put their rating online. All you do is set up the review generation campaign and wait for your stars to come rolling in!
  1. 2. Business Listings (citations)
The app allows you to set up business listings across hundreds of search sites and the major ones like Google, Yelp, Product Review, Facebook, but you can also manually enter any sites not showing automatically. Having business listings referred to as citations or NAPS (name/address/phone number) increases your visibility and ranking results. 
  1. 3. Monitor and Respond to Reviews
All of your reviews across multiple sites appear on one dashboard meaning you can easily manage and respond to all of your reviews. Interacting with your customers will increase your local SERP’s (search engine results pages). Plus it presents invaluable data such as where your customers are finding you.
More than 90% of consumers say they are influenced by online reviews. If your business does not have a presence in online reviews you are missing out on a large chunk of potential leads and sales. Online reviews are today’s ‘word of mouth’ referrals. Businesses with average ratings of 4 - 5 stars will be more attractive to consumers compared to those with average ratings of below 3.3 stars. Google encourages businesses to ask for online reviews as they understand they create positive buying signals for consumers plus help your site outrank the competitors. So quite simply - Yes you can and should be asking for reviews. By using our automated review generator this process is streamlined and enables you to control the online reviews.
Occasionally a negative review will be given by a customer. The benefit of Raise Ratings is you have captured the negative feedback before the customer has put this online. You can choose to respond to this review or not. To prevent any negative feedback appearing online it is good business practice to address the customer. And this also means if they do go ahead and post online you can reply to the review letting potential customers know the issue was addressed before the review was posted. Remember you can always ask for some feedback from us to help respond to negative reviews.
If you need more SEO services and customised services we can create a custom plan tailored to your business. You will get everything in the Pro Plan plus your extra services. Examples of extra services;
  • Social posts provided monthly
  • Monthly content pieces provided (blogs, links, articles)
  • Landing page creation for special campaigns
  • Link building - Niche listings, GEO local links etc 
  • Extra business listings
  • Local SEO audit
  • Google My Business and Maps SEO
  • Google Site Stack
  • On-page Optimization
  • Digital Branding                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Custom Plans start at $750 a month  Can I Change My Plan? Yes, you can change the plan from month to month. This can work especially well if you have a special campaign to launch and want extra local SEO services. Custom plans will require at least 3 months commitment for best results. Can I cancel at Any Time?  Yes, you just need to cancel before the next monthly debit. But we do advise this service works best as an ongoing marketing platform. Once you have stopped managing listings and reviews this can affect rankings and online search results. Every day algorithms are adjusted and without attention to your local SEO your site and star rating will drop. 
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